Nois Spearmint


Regular price €4,45
  • Pouches: 21
  • Flavour: Peppermint
Nicotine strength information
Regular price €4,45
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The Nois Mint comes in a peppermint flavor. With 20 mg/g nicotine, this snus is suitable for experienced and occasional users.

The nicotine pouches contain medium moisture and is thus in good balance between rapid nicotine release and long flavor release.

Each tin contains 21 slim size pouches.

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  • Smells and tastes good
  • Doesn’t discolour the teeth
  • Problem-free customs clearance
  • Convenient way to consume nicotine
  • Less harmful than other smoke and smokeless products
  • Various nicotine strengths available from 6mg up to 50 mg
  • Applicable everywhere and anytime, even where smoking is prohibited
  • Don't require users to spit.

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