Velo Tropic Breeze Ultra

Tropic Breeze Ultra

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  • 20 Pouches Per Can
  • Flavour: Tropic Summer Breeze and Fruits
Nicotine strength information
Regular price €5,89
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Velo Tropic Breeze Ultra is the perfect companion on hot summer days. The refreshing and tropical fruit flavour is the perfect change to the classic mint flavour.
Velo is produced by BAT and has its origin in Sweden, the home of snus. The important difference here is that Velo is tobacco free!

What is the nicotine content of Velo X-Freeze Ultra?

Velo Tropic Breeze Ultra has a nicotine content of 15 mg/g, but the pouches are produced in a large format, which results in a nicotine content of 18 mg/pouch. In addition, the pouch size influences the perceived strength, as the nicotine pouches are produced in large format and thus have more content. Due to the high nicotine content, this product is only suitable for experienced users.

The taste is described as a refreshing fruit flavour, with a subtle hint of mint, and provides a fresh breath and burning snus experience. The nicotine pouches are tobacco free and consist of fillers, starch, humectant and synthetic nicotine.

Each tin contains 20 large size nicotine pouches.

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  • Smells and tastes good
  • Doesn’t discolour the teeth
  • Problem-free customs clearance
  • Convenient way to consume nicotine
  • Less harmful than other smoke and smokeless products
  • Various nicotine strengths available from 6mg up to 50 mg
  • Applicable everywhere and anytime, even where smoking is prohibited
  • Don't require users to spit.

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